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About us

The ALLRUS Group (ООО “Аllrus”, Russia; Allrus Maschinenhandels GmbH, Austria; TOO “Allrus Kaz”, Kazakhstan; LLC “Allgroup-Ukraine”, Ukraine) is the exclusive supplier to the former CIS countries of Colfax/ALLWEILER (Germany), HOUTTUIN (The Netherlands); IMO, WARREN, ZENITH (USA) pumps (centrifugal, 1-, 2-, 3- screw, propeller, peristaltic pumps) and the authorized distributor of LUTZ/JESCO (Germany) (drum and container, diaphragm, centrifugal pumps, chlorinators, water disinfection, measuring / control technology) for oil and gas, chemical and other industries.

Aftersales Service.Pumps for oil product transfer.

The Allrus company TOO “ALLRUS KAZ”, Almaty is the exclusive supplier of the above mentioned equipment to Kazakhstan (t. +7 7272612013,

Also Allrus represents 3P Prinz (Italy) 2-screw pumps, TRUFLO (USA) centrifugal pumps of API standard, Colfax/ROSSCOR multiphase systems and distributes successfully SONNEK Water Injection Modules for oil & gas in Kazakhstan.

Products and services

  • Colfax / ALLWEILER Progressing Cavity Pumps.

  • Colfax / ALLWEILER Centrifugal Pumps with magnetic coupling.

  • Colfax / ALLWEILER Peristaltic Pumps.

  • Colfax / HOUTTUIN, WARREN Two-Screw Pumps.

  • Colfax / ALLWEILER, IMO Three-Screw Pumps.

  • Colfax / ALLWEILER Propeller Pumps.

  • Colfax / ROSSCOR modular multiphase and compressor systems.

  • LUTZ Drum and container Pumps.

  • LUTZ Double diaphragm Pumps.

  • LUTZ Centrifugal Pumps.

  • LUTZ Flow meters.

  • LUTZ-JESCO Dosing Pumps.

  • JESCO Chlorinators.

  • JESCO Water disinfection, measuring / control technology.

  • TRUFLO Centrifugal pumps of API 610 standard.

  • TRUFLO Centrifugal pumps of API 685 standard with magnetic drive.

  • Modular solutions for oil, gas and chemical applications of SONNEK. Modular solutions for the injection of produced water.

  • FREYLIT Wash water recycling systems, oil separators.
    3P Prinz Two screw, gear, rotary vane pumps.
LUTZ Drum and Container Pumps

LUTZ Drum and Container Pumps

Lutz pumps are used for many years for the transfer of acids and alkalis, explosive and easily inflammable liquids, mineral oils, solvents, etc. Combined with appropriate accessories, customers can immediately start with their applications.

In order to facilitate the technical selection of the pump and to quickly find the best suitable pump for customers`application, Lutz has made preparatory work and has already combined different pump sets for selection.

Two-screw HOUTTUIN / Colfax pumps (the Netherlands)

Two-screw HOUTTUIN / Colfax pumps (the Netherlands)

The Houttuin two-screw pumps are self-priming positive displacement rotary pumps. Houttuin Pumps are used in the chemical and petrochemical industry, tank farms, power plants, offshore, refineries, shipbuilding and marine, soap- and food industry, food and beverage industry, plastics industry, sugar industry and environmental engineering.

Labelling: Bilge/ballast pumps, general service pumps, cargo pumps, transfer pumps.

News & Innovations

3P Prinz Two screw Pumps 

Strong of its 60 years spent supplying Italy’s top refineries, chemical, petrochemical industries, 3P Prinz has become an undisputed benchmark of quality and service.
3P Prinz commits to Quality. The Quality assurance and Quality Controls are registered and independently audited to the ISO 9001 standard.

Two-screw pumps are available in standard version and API 676 standard. The Screws are Contactless and Wear out is minimized. This ensures a constant flow, pulsation-free, together with a high suction lift capability with very low NPSH values. Low Noise Level and Low Vibrations. Temperatures up to 180°C. Flow Rates up to 3500 m3/h. Compact Design and Dimensions. Easy Access for Maintenance. Suitable to pump fluids with low, medium, high and very high viscosity, up to 35000 cSt. Very well suited to pump very viscous liquids, sensitive to shear forces and turbulences thanks to the low internal velocities given by the screws movement.


Allrus Maschinenhandels GmbH
Europaring F 10202 / Campus 21
2345 Brunn am Gebirge

Phone: +43 2236 3778776264
Fax: +43 2236 37787769

Ingrid Schnabl
Manager Marketing & Sales
Phone: +43 2236 37787762

Seifullin ave., 531, Office 421
050000 Almaty
Republic of Kazakhstan

Phone: +7 727 2612013,

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